• Playground and library

Playing and reading go hand in hand towards the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of children. Together they stimulate imagination and creativity, develop vocabulary, self-confidence and thinking. At Ludoteca Habarnam we have kept this unbeatable formula which brings lots of happiness and curiosity and we have designed a space which has quality at the forefront. 

Toys are not simple objects in the lives of children, they bring joy and complete the magical universe of childhood. We carefully chose educational and sensory toys, varied and durable, mostly made of wood, giving children the opportunity to interact with natural materials. Beyond the impact on the environment, wooden toys, through their minimalism, encourage concentration and use of imagination for the game in its own style.     

Habarnam's library is also composed of carefully selected titles. Golden books of childhood or new stories can be found on our shelves, in recent editions, ready to be discovered. As the statistics show, in Romania, reading among children reaches an alarming percentage of only 10%. Through our multi-ethnic library we try to contribute to the correction of this result, placing books at the forefront of early education. Reading at an early age stimulates intellectual, emotional development, creativity, logical thinking, aims discipline, vocabulary development and self-esteem.

The list of over 150 titles from Habarnam's library can be accessed here.

The books can only be read while visiting the playground, but in the future we are planning to also have a book loan service.

Our library is constantly growing, therefore we invite you to visit us as often as you can, because we will surely surprise you with new titles.

Habarnam gives green light to playing and reading!


  • 1h – 15 lei
  • Extention by 30’ – 6 lei
  • 2h – 30 lei
  • >2h and 30’ – 35 lei 
  • Special offer: For groups of at least 5 children, who stay at least 1h – 10 lei/h


  • Workshops 

Workshops organized close to home are an educational and socializing alternative for children who do not attend nurseries, as well as extracurricular activities designed to develop their language, artistic, emotional skills.


  • Parties 

Habarnam's Parties - Packages

Basic Package: 40 lei/child

  • Exclusive access to the party room and all indoor and outdoor toys
  • Festive arrangement of children's room and table with plates, napkins, glass cups
  • Serving natural apple juice and water for children
  • Party music for children
  • Plates, cutlery and glasses for the parents
  • Non-alcoholic beverages are consumed exclusively from Ludoteca Habarnam 
  • The birthday boy/ girl receives a voucher worth 50 lei for the playground's services
  • Food for parents can be ordered through the Ludoteca (pizza or hot/ cold plates) or can be brought by the clients. Regardless of the option chosen they are offered plates, cutlery, napkins from the house.


Standard Package: 50 lei/child

Contains the Basic Package to which is added:

  • Soap balloons at the time of the cake
  • Serving children food: Pizza/ Chicken schnitzel with mashed potatoes/ Pasta


Super Package: 60 lei/child

Contains the Standard Package to which is added:

  • Magic Cakes (see offer) with candle in shape of a number.
  • Champagne for children


Additional services 

  • Animator price/h: 150 lei
  • Candle shaped as a number: 5 lei/piece
  • Cake fireworks: 8 lei/ piece
  • Champaign for children> 16 lei/ piece (enough for 7 children) 
  • Goodie Bags Treasure hunt: between 40-50 lei, depending on the number of the children.



  • An advance of 150 lei is charged for booking the location, which is deducted from the final invoice
  • The duration of a party is 2h30 '
  • The extension of the party can be done within the availability of the playground and is charged with 50 lei/30'
  • The cake can be brought by the clients or purchased through Ludoteca Habarnam from Magic Cakes or Terra Biola (see offers).
  • For children who come in addition to those announced 30 lei/ person is charged.
  • For children who do not come, even though they have been notified, 15 lei/ person is charged.
  • On request, thematic arrangements can be made (Lightning McQueen, Frozen, Mickey Mouse, etc.) - starting with 100 lei



The child's birthday is as special and awaited by the whole family, as demanding for the parents, especially for the mothers who want to enjoy their celebration and at the same time to organize a successful party for all the guests. 

To give you a helping hand in organizing the perfect party we offer a guide with the main things to keep in mind:

  1. Choose the day and hour, keeping in mind the possibility to move 1-2 days depending on the availability of the location.
  2. Think of a maximum number of guests.
  3. Choose the location together with the birthday boy/ girl. It must be able to accommodate the number of guests, children and parents and to be liked by both.
  4. Check the availability of the location on the day and hour you want to hold the party.
  5. Book the location of the party by signing a contract and paying the required advance, to make sure it won't be busy.
  6. Prepare invitations (online or printed versions).
  7. Send the invitations to children and family and don’t forget to include the phone number for confirmations. Confirmations should come 2 days before the day of the party, in order to announce the final number of guests and the corresponding portions of food, in due time.
  8. Decide together with the birthday boy/ girl if you want to organize an artistic / animation moment at the party (animator/ puppet theater/ concert/ percussion workshop/ experiment workshop/ creation workshop, etc.). Check the availability of the collaborator for the date of the party and book him/ her in advance, to be sure he/ she will not be booked in the meantime.
  9. Choose the children's menu together with the birthday boy/ girl.
  10. Decide on the parents' menu (peanuts, saltines, pretzels/ cheese and sausage plates/ sausages/ pizza/ cold and hot plates, and in the case of drinks, depending on what guests you have: beer / wine / liquor / strong alcohol). 
  11. Order the cake with the birthday boy/ girl. Check if the confectionery will bring the cake to the party or if it needs to be picked up by the family, in which case you need to know at what time. If you are organizing the party on Sunday, the cake shop might not be open and you might need to pick it up the day before. To check! 
  12. Look in advance for: candle, fireworks, balloon with the number representing the age of the birthday boy/ girl and inflating pump, napkins or decorations on the theme you want to celebrate, children's champagne, or ask the playground to provide.
  13. Choose a photographer to have beautiful memories of the event (a family member/ guest who has a good camera/ playground staff or a professional photographer recommended by the playground).
  14. Decide on the outfit of the whole family, especially the one of the celebrant, so that if something is missing from the wardrobe, you have enough time to buy (special dress/ stocking/ shoes/ shirt, etc.).
  15. On the last day of confirmations, ask for an answer from those who did not give any sign, to write the final list and send it to the location. 
  16. Announce the playground about the final list of participants: adults and children, as well as the average age of the children, in order to better organize the catering services. 
  17. The day before the party make sure you have everything you want to bring to the party in addition to what the playground offers you (candles, fireworks, certain foods or drinks, etc.).
  18. On the day of the party: keep the party atmosphere. DO NOT get angry. DO NOT let the tension of the moment ruin the day. Make sure you've prepared everything you need to get to the location. Prepare the whole family with the clothes chosen for the evening. Share tasks with family members and other friends, if needed. Make sure you arrive 10 minutes before the date announced in the invitation. Order pizza in the morning. Take the cake, if necessary, and take it to the location when you go there. 
  19. Enjoy the party with the children and their parents! Even if the parties are sometimes tiring, don't forget to treasure the moments spent together!


  • Holidays Activities 

During the autumn, spring and summer holidays, Ludoteca Habarnam organizes Holidays Clubs for children aged 4-10.

The program may include:

  • educational activities and workshops (reading, art and creativity, mathematical activities, making up stories, health education, about disability, STEM experiments, etc.);
  • recreational activities (morning warm up with physical exercises, team games, outdoor games, strategy and logic games, LEGO games, role-playing games embodying story characters, etc.);

The registration rules, the detailed program and the menu are presented before the start of each holidays club.