Playground and library

Playing and reading go hand in hand towards the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of children. Together they stimulate imagination and creativity, develop vocabulary, self-confidence and thinking. At Ludoteca Habarnam we have kept this unbeatable formula which brings lots of happiness and curiosity and we have designed a space which has quality at the forefront. 

Toys are not simple objects in the lives of children, they bring joy and complete the magical universe of childhood. We carefully chose educational and sensory toys, varied and durable, mostly made of wood, giving children the opportunity to interact with natural materials. Beyond the impact on the environment, wooden toys, through their minimalism, encourage concentration and use of imagination for the game in its own style.     

Habarnam's library is also composed of carefully selected titles. Golden books of childhood or new stories can be found on our shelves, in recent editions, ready to be discovered. As the statistics show, in Romania, reading among children reaches an alarming percentage of only 10%. Through our multi-ethnic library we try to contribute to the correction of this result, placing books at the forefront of early education. Reading at an early age stimulates intellectual, emotional development, creativity, logical thinking, aims discipline, vocabulary development and self-esteem.

The list of over 150 titles from Habarnam's library can be accessed here.

The books can only be read while visiting the playground, but in the future we are planning to also have a book loan service.

Our library is constantly growing, therefore we invite you to visit us as often as you can, because we will surely surprise you with new titles.

Habarnam gives green light to playing and reading!


  • 1h – 15 lei
  • Extention by 30’ – 6 lei
  • 2h – 30 lei
  • >2h and 30’ – 35 lei 
  • Special offer: For groups of at least 5 children, who stay at least 1h – 10 lei/h