About us

The idea of ​​Ludoteca Habarnam (our version of Habarnam’s home) started from the fact that we all carry precious childhood memories and we want to make sure our children will also have such memorable experiences, in a harmonious and healthy environment.

We all know the importance of time spent playing, reading, imagining and creating, all these enhancing a balanced intellectual and emotional development of children. Our concept of Habarnam's home aims to bring children closer to reading and to contribute to their play and learning experiences by offering a multiethnic library, with books in six different languages, an indoor and outdoor playground, a cosy place to organise small birthday parties and thematic workshops.

Ludoteca Habarnam is a community center open to all children and parents interested in spending their free time socializing with other children and parents, surrounded by quality toys, books and dedicated people.

You have no idea what a wonderful world awaits you!