The Online English Class (7-12 years)

Let us invite you for a journey!

Within this 5 meeting English online course for kids at the age between 7 and 12 we will take your child on a life journey! Your child will acquire skills and vocabulary needed for successful and joyful communication in English. At the same time they will have a lot of fun.

What you can expect during each meeting? After each meeting your child will be able to:

1. Let’s know each other!

  • Introduce himself/herself; ask others about their names
  • Say and ask where are they from
  • Say and ask basic things about themselves - how old are they and what they like

2. Let’s play!

  • Talk about and describe his favorite toy/game
  • Talk about and describe his/her room and surrounding
  • Use vocabulary related to colors, house objects, toys etc.

3. Let’s go!

  • Talk about motion and travelling; vocabulary related to different means of transport and verbs related to travelling
  • Use numbers in different context: timetables and hours
  • Describe the way and use direction words

4. Let’s enjoy!

  • Talk about vacation; vocabulary related to holidays in different locations like the sea, lake or mountains
  • Discuss with others different holidays attractions
  • Plan the trip

5. Let’s start school!

  • Talk about school subjects and classes
  • Describe the content of you backpack
  • Give opinions what they like and dislike

Kamila Wisz-Mocanu, originally from Poland is a fully qualified English teacher with a master degree in History and English studies from the University of Wrocław, Poland. She has 10 years of professional experience, working as an English teacher in various language schools in Wrocław, Poland and 5 years from public schools in Oslo, Norway. Additionally she works as a trainer and workshop facilitator cooperating with different non-governmental organizations from Poland, Norway and Germany. Currently she has been living in Timisoara for almost a year together with her Roamanian husband and 20 months son.

For details and reservations we invite you to contact us by email at ludotecahabarnam@gmail.com.

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