The Theater Workshop, the first online workshop hosted by Habarnam

The theater workshop for children is a beautiful adventure in the creative world, which is hidden inside every child. Through play and games the little protagonists will be able to open the gates of knowledge to their own potential. 

Our workshop is designed to help children develop different skills, such as: self-knowledge, self-control, patience, verbal and nonverbal communication, imagination development, freedom of expression and the courage to speak freely in front of an audience. Through exercises of warm-up, breathing, imagination and relaxation children will learn to value their most valuable instrument, which is their own body.

The workshop is delivered by Isa Berger, actress at the German State Theater in Timișoara. She graduated from the "Nikolaus Lenau" Theoretical High School and in 2010 she obtained a degree in International Relations and European Studies, studied in German at the Faculty of Political Science, Philosophy and Communication Sciences of the University of Timisoara. She also studied acting, in German, at the West University of Timișoara. 

She received special merits for developing the German-speaking school theater, by coordinating the activities of the NiL troupes, respectively the projects within the German-speaking International Youth Theater Festival. 

In 2016 she was awarded the “Ștefan Jäger” Prize for special merits at the German Theater in Timișoara and the German Youth Theater. In 2017 she won the "Pro Cultura Timisiensis Certitudini" Award for special merits in promoting culture in Timiș County. She participated, over time, in various theater workshops and collaborated with the National Theater and the Merlin Theater in Timisoara, as well as with the Dramatic Theater "I. D. Sîrbu” from Petroșani.


For details and reservations we invite you to contact us by email at ludotecahabarnam@gmail.com.

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