Percussion Workshop

The percussion workshop is delivered by Sorina Savii, percussionist in the Timișoara Opera Orchestra and long-term collaborator with the German Theater, the National Theater, the Hungarian Theater, the Auăleu Theater, as well as with philharmonics and operas from all around the country. She has toured extensively over the years (in Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, England, Iceland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Qatar, Brazil, China) from where she brought all kinds of percussion instruments.

The workshop has 3 sections:
- building a percussion instrument: each child will build his own instrument which he will take home. We use recyclable cans, beans, rice, balloons, strings, beads, etc;
- presenting a collection of percussion instruments;
- learning rhythms. The children will play instruments together.

For details and reservations we invite you to contact us by email at ludotecahabarnam@gmail.com.