Illustration Workshop

Drawing is a very important tool for children which helps express themselves with originality, highlighting inner thoughts from an early age. Their first experience with books starts with enjoying the illustrations, through which they discover new worlds and characters. Last but not least, drawing is always relaxing and fun and the result can be surprising!

Under the guidance of Dan Ungureanu, illustrator of children's books, father and good friend of the children, the participants will experience the applied illustration and will learn how to draw characters with different emotions, how to make them interact with other characters and how to create a short comic book. The exercises which they will make during the workshop lay the foundations of drawing, develop the spirit of observation, craftsmanship and self-confidence, stimulate creativity and storytelling in each child.

You probably met Dan Ungureanu through his famous book illustrations, which made us love Apolodor, Fram and the Little Prince even more. He even redesigned our cute Habarnam! And some of his original sketches were recently exhibited at the National Library among #themostbeautifulbooksfromromania, at BOOKerini, an international children's book fair.

For details and reservations we invite you to contact us by email at ludotecahabarnam@gmail.com.